About us

Welcome to GIMMEMORE.

GIMMEMORE is a stylish fashion magazine-like Blog Reader for the Fashionista (people like you) all over the world!!
This makes you easier to collect fashion blogs you are interested in and simply get notifications from them.

All we want to say is "Gimme More Fashion!!"

■How it works
It is very simple to use GIMMEMORE.

1. Sign up / Log in to your account.
2. Add blogs and sites you would like to follow.
3. Enjoy reading them:)

■Why should I use GIMMEMORE?
You and Me always enjoy reading fashion blogs and sites we like, don't we?
Nowadays, there are loads of fashion blogs all over the world, still increasing more and more.

However, it really annoys me when I go to bookmarks to jump pages I want to read because my bookmark list is quite messy with a lot of my favorite blogs, oh bloody...

I found it difficult to organize them without stress so I tried to manage it by using some RSS reader in order to deal with this serious problem but all of them are not simple and stylish, too functional. Google reader (RIP) as well.

That is why I came up with an idea and built GimmeMore for the Fashionista like You and Me.
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